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I am Colombian but I moved to the U.S about a decade ago. I got the chance to meet Caro through some close friends while visiting my family in Colombia on a holiday and we hanged out with a big group .

Little I knew back then that Caro would become my travel adviser, not only by guiding my journey through Asia but also by motivating me to take the needed steps to free myself from the conventional lifestyle that I carried. I used to work many hours a week while wondering what happened outside the 4 walls of my office. With so many places to see and visit I dreamed badly on seeing a different world, and that’s how I started thinking of Asia. I had not spoken to Caro for about a year when I contacted her again but I used to read her Facebook Profile and blog.

One day I realized that I wanted to follow her steps so I sent her an e-mail asking about her travels. She was in living in Vietnam and It just sounded like she was having a great time. Caro didn't miss a single detail while explaining the steps that I had to follow. With her counseling I saved myself time searching for cheap flights, visa procedures, affordable housing and job opportunities. A new world of options was opened to me in few minutes. It was just great to have her guidance because all of the fears that I had about going to a foreign country in Asia were addressed. 

Creating a budget and planning the trip became an easy task. She provided me with enough information to make my decision. Few weeks after talking to her I bought a flight to the Philippines and then another from the Philippines to Vietnam. At the moment I am living my dream in Vietnam!!!... working as a teacher while meeting an extraordinary culture. Who know what’s next?

Her guidance and support had been extremely helpful during the last 2 months. I would not be here without her help, 

Thanks a lot Caro!

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